Saint of the Day


"A saint is one who is holy, that is, set apart for God's service.  It is a person who has cooperated with God's grace to the extent that his or her holiness is beyond doubt."


As those whose lives have been recognized to be holy, the Orthodox Church remembers her saints throughout the year.  Each day is dedicated to the memory of specific saints, with their lives being read and hymns in their honor sung during the divine services.  While there may be some differences between the calendars of various national traditions, the Orthodox Church remembers and honors all saints canonized by local Orthodox Churches around the world.

In our program, we offer the Saint of the Day -- a brief introduction to the life and witness of a saint whose "feast day" (the day on which they are commemorated) falls on or near the date of that program.

For more information on any saint that was presented on our show, we encourage you to speak with your parish priest and/or visit Orthodox websites containing such information including: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: Orthodox Calendar and Orthodox Church in America: Feasts & Saints.